What are our core values?

We realize that what we value determines the culture we create.
1. Being Worshippers 24/7
2. Being Christ Centered in Our Identity
3. Being Transformed and Motivated by Love
4. Being Grace Oriented in Our Lifestyle
5. Being Supernaturally Empowered & Equipped
6. Being Gospel Inspired and Kingdom Focused
7. Being Led by the Holy Spirit
8. Being Concerned About the Whole Person
9. Being Relationally Connected as Family
10. Being Engaged Redemptively in the World
11. Being Grounded in God’s Word
12. Being Stretched to Grow Our Faith
13. Being Life-Givers who Honor and Value People
14. Being Generous in Our Giving
15. Being Energized toward Dreams and Destiny
16. Being Drawn to Goodness and Glory

We as a congregation are agreeing in prayer for the following:

1. Our family members will be saved, in love with God, & fulfilling their destiny.
2. There will be no sickness or premature death in our midst.
3. Our marriages & families will live in unity & peace & joy.
4. We will live in faith, with no lack, breaking the power of the curse of poverty.
5. We will be emotionally & mentally healthy.
6. We will be protected & delivered from evil.
7. We will be spiritually equipped & engaged in the Kingdom of God, reaching people for Jesus Christ.